Antonio Vargas

was born in 1955 in Maracaibo. He was introduced to the art of  sculpture through his father, a famous stone master in the city, who cut and installed marble in the city’s Bolivar Square, Urdaneta’s Park, Central Bank of Maracaibo, the Bank of Maracaibo and the Basilica San Juan de Dios. Antonio worked with his father until he discovered an exceptional ability to craft marble and other materials. He later went to the Julio Arraga School of Art in Maracaibo, obtaining his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1986.  Since then, he has participated in many group and solo exhibitions, both nationally and internationally. 

Antonio Vargas sculpture work, in addition of being of extraordinary quality, highlights an essence with many details.  Using primary expressions, and aboriginal characteristics, we find in the natural simplicity of stone, a renovation of rituals of our ancestors.  His “Muses” are an allegory to the great mother, the nature, as represented by many cultures.

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Musa Selena
Carved stone, mounted on marble
6 x 7 x 2 Inches
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