Sara Storey (✞)


UNIARS is deeply saddened to inform Sara Storey passed away on Feb 6th 2017 in Maracaibo. Her work will transcend as a new local expression of the quotidian customs of the human being.


Sara Storey was part of the neo-expressionism movement, in which the only inspiration element is the human being, with their costumes and habits. She showed with restlessness our activities, distractions and problems, with a background that form a stage. Then, the essential representation take the form of a human, in a paltry way, as if their worry was more to “appear” instead of “be”. 


Sara Storey was multifaceted, she studied violin, visual arts, French, engineering, and teaching arts to children and adults.


In 2010, Sara Storey won the 1st prize in the Armando Reveron contest, professor category, in the Universidad Catolica Cecilio Acosta. En 2014 she was awarded by the Maracaibo city hall for her contributions to the promotion and teaching of arts.

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Mixed media on box, MDF
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