Luis Cuevas

Luis Cuevas was born in 1952 in Maracaibo, Zulia State. With a prolific artistic production which started in 1982, Luis Cuevas has become an artistic reference in the region. His artwork has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, including a solo exhibition in the MACZUL (Modern Art Museum of Zulia State) covering his more than 30 years of creative experience in diverse formats.

When contemplating his recent artwork, it is evident his Latin-American identity: richness of color, luminosity, texture and ancestral elements inside a legendary and mystic landscape. Despite the narrative character of his work, Luis Cuevas does not pretend to describe a real situation, but the achievement of a structure of chromatic shapes extended almost uniformly over the surface, in which what the observer seems to identify fades into a background, to an illusory and enchanted space that call us to perceive beyond the known reality1.


Luis Cuevas painting is abstract, but charged with symbols, signs and allusions that evoke hidden realities2. Interpreting Luis Cuevas artwork results in impressions that discover metaphoric proposals from color and its technical expression. His narrative image relies on a grammar of color, where each tone is a category that organizes with others to give sense to the artwork in its totality, generating chromatic sensations that allows observing an independence of dyes. Each color is its own presence.


The jungle routine, the confusion between flora and fauna builds a polychrome representing the virtue of autonomous color. In the middle of this combat of colors, the figures possess themselves forming a live scene. In absolute simplicity, the artwork is more than a canvas, it is a sequence of events narrated that sublimates the real and make of themselves a plausible metaphor.

1 According to the critic Oscar Gonzalez Bogen

2 Accoding to Peran Erminy

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